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Thank you to our Community and Corporate Supporters

Brookfield Residential 

Brookfield Residential is a company that knows how to give back. “Any company, if they’re doing the right things,” says CEO & President, Alan Norris, “should be engaged in the community where they do business, and they should be actively engaged in doing that and sharing that with their employees. It’s important for every employee to know what we stand for and what our value system is as a company.”
In 2008, while operating under the name of Carma Developers, Carma employees from across North America came to Calgary for one day to build the Wellspring Calgary facility.  Thanks to their hard work, sweat equity and the generous financial support of Brookfield Residential of the gift of this home, Carma House, the Wellspring Calgary home-like centre, opened to serve members in May 2009. “That build day certainly was the pivotal point of how Carma / Brookfield Residential got introduced to Wellspring Calgary,” affirms David Allan, President, Calgary Land, Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. “But that day is only one day in many years of history we now enjoy with Wellspring Calgary.”
We salute you, Brookfield Residential, for your long-standing support and adoption of Wellspring Calgary! Thanks to you, no one has to fa
ce cancer alone!

Cedarglen Homes

At Cedarglen Homes, philanthropy means improving the quality of life for others. As a newer home builder in Calgary, we are committed to building homes and creating communities. In return we share our successes and give back to the communities in which we build within the City of Calgary, and surrounding region. This vision began with the generosity of our Chairman, Scott Haggins. His sincere passion to change the lives of others has resulted in numerous acts of kindness and compassion. His actions, both corporately and personally, have served as a model for employees at Cedarglen Homes and the contributions to the greater community in the past and present. Inspired by the actions of our Chairman, Cedarglen Homes continues to seek out opportunities to help those that need it most. Cedarglen has been supporting Wellspring Calgary for many years through the triWELLathon event. In 2014, Cedarglen was proud to initiate, with the support of our trades and suppliers, the Auburn Bay showhome donation in support of Wellspring’s growth and expansion to south Calgary and southern Alberta.


The Calgary Foundation

The Calgary Foundation facilitates collaborative philanthropy by making connections between donors and community organizations for the long term benefit of Calgary and surrounding area. Wellspring Calgary is a grateful recipient of many funds provided through Calgary Foundation’s Community Grants Fund and donor directed funds. The Calgary Foundation is the primary funder of a three-year pilot program called Money Matters which will assist cancer patients and their families to access local financial and legal assistance during their cancer journey. Wellspring Calgary is grateful for the support of so many Calgarians through The Calgary Foundation.

Alberta Cancer Foundation

Investing in the growth of our programs and services, Alberta Cancer Foundation generously funded several programs and initiatives at Wellspring Calgary in 2013 and 2014. “The good news is that more Albertans are surviving cancer than before,” says Myka Osinchuk, CEO of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. “And this means we have an even greater role to play in easing the cancer journey for Albertans. This investment will make it easier to transition from the clinical setting of a hospital to one that improves the quality of life before, during and after treatment.” Both organizations look forward to a long-term relationship that will help redefine the future for Albertans facing cancer.


Encana Corporation

Presenting sponsor of the Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge, Wellspring Calgary is thrilled for the support and involvement of Encana to bring this highest elevation firefighter stairclimb to Western Canada and Calgary’s iconic BOW tower in support of firefighters and all citizens living with cancer.


Providing the tanks and harnesses worn by firefighters taking on this personal challenge, Wellspring Calgary is thrilled for the support and involvement of Drager to bring this highest elevation firefighter stairclimb to Western Canada and Calgary’s iconic BOW tower in support of firefighters and all citizens living with cancer.

Nu-Way Floor Fashions

For the past 42+ years the Nu-Way family has been committed to superior customer service!  Their 40+ employees take pride in all they do and have a passion for completing fine work with thoughtful creative designs with the intent of having every homeowner proud to showcase their home. Nu-Way Floors is also committed to supporting the Calgary community and invests in worthy projects such as Wellspring Calgary. Fred Gifford, owner of Nu-Way Floor Fashions and the Nu-Way family are proud to support Wellspring Calgary, a very important cancer support facility that gives all cancer patients the help and support they need to battle this life changing illness.

RBC Foundation
RBC Foundation

As one of Canada's largest banks, RBC believes in the importance of focusing on the impact it has on the workforce, the economy, the communities where it operates, the environment and the marketplace. Last year, RBC contributed more than $95 million to causes world-wide through donations, community investments and sponsorships. Wellspring Calgary is delighted to welcome RBC Foundation as one of our major funders for the Money Matters program. We couldn’t have done it without you!  

The World Health Charity
Golf Classic


Since 2009, World Health (Edgemont) club has been choosing to support Wellspring Calgary through their annual golf tournament. Their organizational mission is to enrich people's lives by inspiring a healthy and active lifestyle. Wellspring Calgary sees this as a perfect ‘fit’ to our mission to improve the quality of life for those living with cancer. We are so fortunate to have such a great community partner support us so faithfully through the years. Recently, all World Health clubs have participated in the signature events of Wellspring - triWELLathon and Toupee for a Day. Their staff happily don the Toupee hair to show their support, raising funds and awareness for people living with cancer. Thank you, World Health, for all you do for Calgarians and for Wellspring Calgary members!


Dentons is committed to giving back to our local and global communities. Corporate citizenship is a fundamental aspect of the firm’s overall global strategy; Dentons is pleased and honoured to support important community organizations such as Wellspring Calgary, as well as supporting firm members in a broad range of volunteer opportunities. And Wellspring Calgary is honoured to be chosen by Dentons employees as a welcome avenue for their exemplary community support. A celebrated partnership of many years. Thank you Dentons!



Stantec provides a wide range of professional consulting services, all delivered with a focus on quality and integrity. That same ethic is applied to investment in community. Wellspring Calgary is proud and thankful to receive the ongoing support of Stantec.


Totem Charitable Foundation

Since the inception of Wellspring Calgary, we've been fortunate to receive the generous support of Totem Charitable Foundation to support programs and resources provided to our members. 



 CREB® Charitable Foundation

Since its inception in 1987, CREB® Charitable Foundation (CREBCF) has contributed more than $5 million to a wide range of charities and non-profit organizations in our communities. CREBCF has been supporting Wellspring Calgary since 2012, including programs Brain Fog, Returning to Work, Caregiving/Self-Care, and the replacement of carpets at the Carma House program facility in 2015. Thanks to CREBCF, thousands have been impacted and changed for the better. Thank you CREB Charitable Foundation for your support!  


Diverse communities have diverse needs. A strong community is made up of many different groups, each bringing unique perspectives that contribute to the fabric of Canadian culture and a strong economy. These include newcomers, Aboriginals and people with differing abilities or socio-economic backgrounds. CIBC is committed to supporting organizations assisting Canadians in need by encouraging leadership, civic engagement and independent living; celebrating the diversity of our communities and encouraging the volunteer spirit of our employees. Wellspring Calgary is thrilled to recognize the support of CIBC for our Returning to Work program since 2013.


West Canadian Digital Imaging Inc.

Providing the printing for this Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge, Wellspring Calgary is thrilled for the support and involvement of West Canadian to bring this highest elevation firefighter stairclimb to Western Canada and Calgary’s iconic BOW tower in support of firefighters and all citizens living with cancer.


Gluskin Sheff &
Associates Inc.


Supporting the Photo Booth for the Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge, Wellspring Calgary is thrilled for the support and involvement of Gluskin Sheff to bring this highest elevation firefighter stairclimb to Western Canada and Calgary’s iconic BOW tower in support of firefighters and all citizens living with cancer.


Tricon Solutions Inc.

Tricon Solutions is a team of highly skilled and experienced consulting professionals who deliver project-based consulting services to clients in a wide range of industries. Wellspring Calgary has been exceptionally fortunate to benefit from this sophisticated team who specialize in Program and Project Management, Project Coordination and Organizational Change Management. Thanks to Tricon, Wellspring Calgary is continuing to work on important systems which will help to sustain our work. Our greatest gratitude is extended to this tremendous group for their ongoing support.



Art a la carte

Art a la Carte is a volunteer society that provides acute care cancer patients with a choice of art for their hospital rooms. Based in Calgary, the program complements healing by transforming sterile, clinical hospital environments into places of comfort and warmth. Led by Debbie Baylin, it is a delight to share office space, organizational ideas and everyday living with little Deb.


The La-Z-boy brand name is synonymous with comfort and quality. In fact, you can always kick up your feet and get comfortable in a La-Z-boy! Keeping this vision in mind, regional manager Richard Williams, facilitated a complete In-Kind  furnishing of the Great Room and the Waterfall Room here at Carma House. Ahhhh. Comfort, it's what they do.


It is a pleasure  to promote our partnership with Amaranth and community relations coordinator, Amy Buckman and our shared values of promoting healthy foods, nutritional awareness and environmental responsibility.We believe that diet and nutrition are key in cancer prevention and that good eating habits during cancer care can help our members to cope better with cancer treatment effects.



Prairie Mill Bread Co.

Prairie Mill Bread Co. is a company that has been nourishing Calgarians and many others for years. Recently, the Prairie Mill team turned their efforts toward Wellspring Calgary also. We are delighted to serve fresh loaves and other hearty and healthy snacks to visitors to Wellspring thanks to the support of Prairie Mill Bread Co. We are proud to advise that Prairie Mill Bread Co. is a 2010 recipient of the Government of Alberta:  Alberta Food for Health Award, a Premier’s Award.


COBS Bread

COBS Bread stands behind its promise to bring you the freshest, highest-quality breads and baked goods every day. We believe bread tastes best when it comes fresh from the oven; this is why we only sell today what we bake today. All of our traditional breads contain no added preservatives, colouring, sugar or dairy so they are healthier for you and your family. Community connection is engrained in COBS Bread’s philosophy. Since opening in 2003, in addition to participating in community events, COBS has donated more than $15 million in bread to charities. Since June 2014, COBS 130th Avenue has been generously donating bread and baked goods once a month to Wellspring Calgary Money Matters program members who have been in need. Wellspring Calgary is delighted to welcome Cobs Bread 130th Avenue as a supporter of our mission!


The Greenery

The Greenery has been beautifying offices in Calgary since 1977 and Wellspring Calgary is no exception to founder Joanne Young's rule and her staff. They are keen on green - literally bringing life and beauty to every room here at Wellspring. From potted trees and decorative planters to the tender care provided by Joanne's trained plant technicians - you have truly helped to make our house a home. 


The Integrative Health Institute, Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University's Integrative Health Institute leads and advances the growth and development of the integrative health sector in Canada by: providing education programming, engaging in research, and offering access to credible information. Wellspring Calgary is fortunate to benefit from their good work through a unique partnership which results in many of our members being able to learn from the good work of the Integrative Health Institute. We thank them sincerely for this support.


Skogen Photography

Rhea and Mark Skogen of Skogen Photography care about the important moments that define our lives. Their photographic work is celebrated and Wellspring Calgary is fortunate and honored to have Mark and Rhea capture many of our special moments. We thank them sincerely for helping us to record and share our precious memories.


OnGrowing Works

OnGrowing Works Ltd. is an award-winning landscape design and construction company based in Cochrane, Alberta, specializing in customer satisfaction through all aspects of outdoor living from softscape to hardscape. This celebrated company has recently turned their creativity toward Wellspring Calgary. The hardworking and exceptionally dedicated team are designing and creating the brick patio and Japanese Garden features Wellspring Calgary will be launching in the spring of 2011. We deeply value their creative and inspired involvement and look forward to telling you more about this exciting project as it unfolds.


Government of Alberta
Culture & Community Spirit
Community Spirit Program and Community Initiatives Program

The Community Spirit Program exists to increase charitable giving; recognizing and encouraging Albertans to support their favorite charities. Thanks to this innovative program, Wellspring Calgary has benefited from Community Spirit grants based on total cash donations that have directly supported our program and operating costs. The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) reinvests revenue generated from provincial lotteries in communities, to empower local citizens, and community organizations to work together and respond to local needs. Wellspring Calgary is honored and thankful to have received funds through CIP to support projects intended to enhance Wellspring Calgary’s effectiveness and sustainability.


The Rotary Club of Calgary, South Rotary Partners

The Rotary Club of Calgary, South Rotary Partners are the spouses of Rotarians. The Rotary Partners are true "partners in service" and key members of the Rotary Club of Calgary South, contributing to the many projects and events the Rotary Club spearheads, while also independently supporting organizations and communities through their own philanthropic activities. Wellspring Calgary is one of the lucky recipients of their generous support. We are deeply thankful to this group whose support has contributed to our ongoing program delivery.


We couldn't  do it without you.  Thank you to our community grassroots fundraisers.



Inspired by Calgary cancer survivor, Brian McGregor, Cancervive raises awareness and support for those living through and beyond, cancer. Its flagship fundraising event is a yearly cross-continent peloton cycling expedition of 30 riders whose destination is a Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Challenge event. During the week-end, riders are joined by warriors - cancer patients who are given a few days filled with hope and inspiration as participants in the Challenge week-end. Wellspring Calgary is a $1MM benefactor of Cancervive's fundraising efforts.
We are forever grateful to you Cancervive.

TRICOPS It takes strength, determination and commitment to complete a triathlon and much more to tackle an Ironman. These are the qualities that define Tricops - a group of Calgary Police Officers and civilians who apply the same fortitude required of their sport to making a difference in the world. Through the Calgary Hitmen Headshave, the Calgary Police Half Marathon, and various triathlons - including Ironman Canada, Tricops has provided a gift of over $75,000 to Wellspring Calgary to date.
We salute you Tricops!
CARPE DIEM Every year, cancer survivor, Melody Williamson, along with her family and friends, kick up their heels at Carpe Diem, a raucous celebration of life with a Celtic Twist. With live entertainment, games, and dancing to Celtic, R&B, and rock music it’s an interactive family event that's not to be missed!  In 2011, Carpe Diem raised an impressive $10,680, making the collective total of their efforts over the years an incredible $30,000 for Wellspring Calgary! Our sincere thanks is extended to this fun-loving group who truly do “seize the day.”
CARSON'S BIKE RIDE Imagine giving up your birthday gifts so that you could support people like your Dad who had riden for Cancervive in support of others living with cancer. Decked in helmets, flags and unconditional resolve, 11-year-old Carson Reiser has lead a pack of friends, neighbours and community members through the Bow River bike trails for four years now. In 2011, Carson and his dedicated friends raised an impressive $11,000 for Wellspring Calgary. That's over $36,000 for Wellspring Calgary over the last four years. 
Like father, like son.



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