If you are interested in attending any of Wellspring’s programs and services, you will be asked to complete a Membership Registration Form which provides us with your contact information and a little bit about you. We'll keep you up-to-date about new programs through regular e-blasts or phone calls. All information is kept strictly confidential and subject to strict Privacy Policies.

Because of the generosity of individual donors, corporate supporters and grassroot fundraisers, everything we offer to you through Wellspring is offered free of charge and no referral is required.

While programs change all the time, some examples of our offerings include:

Peer Support - One-to-one support with trained volunteers who are cancer survivors or have been caregivers to a person with cancer to assist you through your cancer journey, for as long as you need.

Energy Sessions - Reiki, Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch are gentle and soothing approaches for promoting health and well-being. (with certified volunteer practitioners)

Relaxation and Visualization - Also known as "Guided Imagery", the facilitator uses mindfulness-based imagery and scripts to help reduce stress and achieve a sense of relaxation and calm.

Expressive Arts - Class options include Creative Journaling, Watercolour, Ceramics, Drumming, HouseMusic, and more.

Yoga - Yoga combines body awareness techniques through gentle stretching and movement with meditative and breathing exercises. It can help reduce stress as well as help you to achieve a sense of calm and well-being.

Brain Fog - Brain fog, chemo brain and chemo fog are informal terms used to describe the cognitive deficits often associated with cancer and cancer treatment. Brain fog is an educational and experiential program that introduces participants to cognitive enhancement strategies.

Healthy Steps - Moving you to Better Health with the Lebed Method, is a therapeutic research-based exercise and movement program designed to help you thrive!

Movement and Exercise – A wide variety of exercise and movement options are available, such as: drop-in exercise, Tai Chi, yoga, dance, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, mountain hiking, urban hiking, triathlon training, and more.

Return to Work Program - An eight-week program that covers: personal readiness to work, managing health, employment standards and legal rights and the management of finances and benefits.

Money Matters - Money Matters is a new solution-based program assisting members and their loved ones living with cancer manage financial changes and cancer expenditures.

Workshops - and information sessions are offered periodically and provide practical advice on the day-to-day considerations of living with cancer.


  Winter Cancellation Policy

If the weather appears inclement, please call Wellspring at 403.521.5292  Ext. 100 to listen to a pre-recorded message which will notifiy you of any of class cancellations.  You may also expect to hear of a cancellation via phone call from your instructor.


Wellspring is an expression of
service of the highest level.
In recognition that we are all truly connected,
all suffering is our suffering,
all healing is our healing;
individuals offer themselves
in unconditional support to others
in times of need.
Wellspring is truly anabundant
source of compassionate giving
and sharing in a safe and loving environment.
It is with awe and a sense of honor
that I experience Wellspring.

Cindy Reopell
Wellspring Calgary volunteer


We welcome you to drop by for a tour or to learn more.
Our hours are Monday-Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm, Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm.
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